The Northwest Tattoo Museum (NTM) provides a unique tattoo experience. Clients
    receive professional customer service, quality care from knowledgeable experts, and
    the opportunity to learn some tattoo history from their immediate surroundings. The
    NTM houses more than 500 tattoo artifacts displayed for education or your personalized
    tattoo. Great Reference Material with Great Stories.
      *Safe & Sterile/ OSHA Compliant * Modern Electric Tattooing * Bright Colors*

    We Do It All:
    Old school-traditional, custom, cover ups, Tribal, Northwest Tribal, Oriental, pin ups,
    black & gray, bright colors, etc.

    * Thousands of flash designs & reference material from the last century
    * Online reference resources Or if you prefer bring your own design  
    * Drop by & look through the tattoo artists portfolios

    The museum always accepts walk-ins
    Schedule an appointment to ensure availability!


Jay Brown
Tattooist Curator
Tattooist of 33-years
APT Certificate of Tattoo Mastery
A.P.T Lifetime Achievement Award
Terry Wrigley Award
RJ Rosini Award
N.T.A. Member
B.T.C Member
Richard Brockway
Master Tattoo Artist of 25-years
Click Here for
Richards Photo Album
The NTM is an occasional stop for some of the national top names in tattooing. Follow us on
facebook or talk with museum staff for updates for upcoming guest artist visits.
208-665-6565  -   2934 N Government Way, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho 83815
Todd Holley
Master Tattoo Artist of 25-years
Robert NcNeill
Master Tattoo Artist of 42-years