Jay Brown, tattoo artist of 32+ years, is the curator of the
    Northwest Tattoo Museum (NTM). Jay is also a tattoo machine
    builder, tattoo historian, contributing writer for tattoo publications,
    National Tattoo Association (NTA) Terry Wrigley Award  recipient,
    Alliance of  Professional Tattooists Lifetime Achievement Award
    recipient and Certificate of Tattoo Mastery recipient. As the curator
    of the NTM museum, Jay oversees an insured collection of living
    history and artifacts with countless stories.

    Jay Brown started his career in tattooing during 1986 in Oregon. Having a background in art, he took to tattooing immediately.
    After serving an apprenticeship, Jay moved to California for a short time, then back to Oregon. Then he tattooed during the
    Grateful Dead tour, on and off for a few years in a tattoo bus stopping at shops along the way. In 1991 he moved to the Midwest;
    first tattooing in Kansas City, Kansas, then Kansas City, Missouri (KCMO). KCMO is where Jay met his mentor R.J. Rosini & R.
    J.'s son James at Grimm's Tattoo. In KCMO, Jay became good friends with the Rosini's, and began his time with the world
    famous RJ Rosini Tattooing Gypsy Tour from 1992-2003. RJ passed unexpectedly at a tattoo convention in 2003, but Jay and
    James continued to carry on the Rosini Tattoo Family name until James premature death in 2012. Jay still keeps the memory of
    the RJ Rosini & Son Tattooing Gypsy Tour alive at the museum, and at conventions. Jay did conventions under the Rosini
    banner from 1992-present day and Sturgis at Rosini's from 1994-2011. He also worked in the Sturgis campgrounds 1988-89
    and 1991-1992 in his tattoo bus. While working with RJ, Jay tattooed all over the country doing 10-12 conventions a year, thus
    being able to meet all the greats of the craft, travel and do guest spots.

    Jay has worked guest spots at 24 different studios, allowing him to meet and work with many talented tattooers across the
    country. Jay has owned his own studio's over the years as well as doing long term spots at friends shops. Jay's work is award
    winning with several awards for his tattooing ability, which was enriched by working with all the other tattooers at the
    conventions. During a lifetime career of tattooing he has got to know a lot of tattooing's old timers. Having the opportunity to
    experience first hand the old school world and oral history; Jay enjoys sharing tattoo history and keeping the contemporary-era
    connected to the origins, lore, ethics, materials/artifacts, and lives of some amazing people from a very different time. Jay has
    had the honor to befriend with much esteem many greats like Philadelphia Eddie, Lyle Tuttle, Chuck Eldridge, Sailor Cam
    Cook, Henry Goldfield, Bowery Stan Moscowitz, Mike Martin,Goodtime Charlie Cartwright, Mr.G & Madame Chinchilla, Jack Rudy,
    Shawn Anderson, Tony Olivas, Pat Sinatra and so many others who have helped enrich his knowledge of tattoo history.

    Jay was awarded the first R.J. Rosini Award and was put in charge of selecting recipients in 2003. Around this time Jay was an
    Alliance of Professional Tattooists, Preventing Disease Transmission in Tattooing Instructor for several years. Jay passed with
    high score earning the APT's Certificate of Tattoo Mastery. Jay has worked as a judge and speaker at numerous tattoo
    conventions. In 2012 Jay was awarded the National Tattoo Association Terry Wrigley Award, one of the NTA's high honors, at the
    convention in Cincinnati for his work with the NTM and the tattoo profession. Later that year Jay was awarded the APT"s Lifetime
    Achievement Award for his substantial contributions to the tattoo profession, this also was for his work with the NTM and the
    tattoo community. Jay considers these awards as his highest honors, and part of the drive behind his endeavors at the

NTATerry Wrigley, and APT lifetime achievement plaques
Jay Brown and Philadelphia Eddie
with Aaron Bell, Lyle Tuttle, Mary Jane Haake, D. Rosini
Jay with Good Time Charlie Father of Black and Grey
Bud Pearson, Jack Rudy, Rusty Savage, & Jay Brown
Jay Brown with Bill Salmon, Philadelphia Eddie, Bowery
Stan Moscowitz, and Mark Mahoney in Las Vegas, for
Eddies first Volume of his book release
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